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26. April 2013

The Importance of Finding a Good Conference Call Service

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An effective conference call service that involves the use of precision audio and video connectivity is the best way to meet the communication needs of a good business set-up from the comfort of one’s own place. This service enables the head of the business to communicate with his employees within his office premises as well as keep a tab of every operation and activity of the business that is spread across the world. Every successful business hopes to achieve global standards and the only way to reach out to far flung places is to have great services for conference call with adequate help and support in place. (more…)

29. July 2012

The Power of Social Media in Business

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Social media has become a well-liked medium where users of various backgrounds can articulate, share and convey their thoughts and/or ideas to other individuals. With ever increasing time spent by Internet users on these sites, blogs or spaces, advertisers have come to realise the need to market products and services on a local and worldwide basis utilising these popular and importance spaces. (more…)

26. July 2012

Questions to Ask When Hiring Staff

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For those who have never held an interview before, hiring staff for an internal position can be a difficult task without prior experience in the area. Knowing what questions to ask and what not to ask can be very important. This is the main reason that larger companies employ HR professionals to handle the interview process, preventing legal repercussions caused by queries relating to lifestyle choice, religion or ethnic background. In most cases, these precautions are unnecessary and satisfactory candidates can be checked out by contacting previous employers and referees. (more…)

23. July 2012

Marketing Tips for Home Businesses

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Running a home business is an increasingly popular pursuit for many, but it is not enough simply to set up a business and wait for customers. Home business owners need to learn how to market themselves and their services. Luckily, there are some simple ways to get started. (more…)

20. July 2012

Finding Investment for Your Home Business

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A home-based business will have many of the same financial obligations and pitfalls as that of a regular business and once it reaches a certain level, you may need to consider sourcing investors to expand your operations. Whether you operate as a freelancer or professional management consultant, one expense that cannot be avoided is office equipment. Computers and peripherals such as printers, scanners and fax machines all require investment. Some consultants may require specialised test or measuring equipment. All of these items are necessary to remain competitive in your chosen area and must be installed, even if you are not paying yourself a salary during the start-up phase of your home business. (more…)

17. July 2012

The Importance of Budgets in Business

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A well planned budget can help a business stay aliveFor any business to be successful, there has to be financial control. In other words, those running the business have to be aware of how much money is going out and how much money is coming in. Without such knowledge, the business is headed for bankruptcy. By creating a budget and a process by which to administer it, a careful check can be kept on the business and its state of health at any particular time. (more…)

8. July 2012

How Smartphones Benefit Businesses

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Smartphones help business people keep in touchThe invention of the smartphone revolutionised business methods on a global scale as it now meant that executives could keep in touch with the office wherever they are located in the world. The mobile phone allowed voice and SMS text messaging to occur but the smartphone brought us a device that had many of the features of a laptop, without the annoying battery life limitations. Therefore, it became possible for users to send and receive e-mail, open and edit documents, images or any other data format and of course incorporated apps for leisure activities. (more…)

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